Why should a superyacht choose Mallorca?

Why should a superyacht choose Mallorca?

Mallorca, an all-time destination for those who are looking for warm sun, stunning beaches, a well communicated city centre and amazing gastronomy. Its capital, Palma de Mallorca, has been rated several times as one of the best cities in the world to live, and one of the most popular superyacht destinations in Europe all year round.

Mallorca has a unique reputation in the yachting industry thanks to the wide offer of services addressed to yachts, comfortable marinas, luxury, and top brand products in an enclave of great beauty and heritage value, making it a perfect destination for both yacht crew and guests.


Palma is the capital city of the island. The capital city of the Balearic Islands is located in the Bay of Palma, on the south coast of Mallorca.  Lively, trendy, and buzzing Palma city will draw your attention.

Visit one of the wonders of Palma, the Bellver Castle the only round gothic style castle in Europe, dated from the XIV century and offering some spectacular views of the city and the Bay of Palma de Mallorca.

Next stop is a visit to the Cathedral, La Seu a jewel of the Mediterranean gothic era. Witness the magisterial work of Gaudi and the largest Rosetta window of the gothic style in the world. S’Hort del Rei gardens are the main gardens of Palma right next to the Cathedral.

Walk through the historical old centre of Palma, discovering the city’s many styles of architecture from private mansions, old palaces, courtyards, the Jewish Old Quarter, the town hall located at Plaça de Cort to the mayoral residence and modernist buildings.

Also optional is a stop to taste the typical Mallorcan ensaimada in one of the city´s oldest bakeries, served with either warm chocolate sauce or almond ice cream, depending on the time of the year. You can also continue to tantalize your taste buds with other Mallorcan products such as olive oil, almond liqueur, cheeses, wines, sobrasada sausages, jams, etc. Or you perhaps can also choose to finish the day with gastronomic tapas and assorted wines.


Port Adriano

Port Adriano is a marina for boats up to 100 metres long in the South-west of Mallorca, Balearic Islands.

Designed by Philippe Starck, there is no doubt that this is the most modern and best equipped marina in the Mediterranean. Its innovative concept is expressed not only in the marina’s aesthetics, but in an authentic improvement in comfort for users: berths and shopping area with parking places in the shade, absence of traffic in front of the boats and shops, concealed cabling, 24m2 of storage space in front of the berths, terraces in the sun and shade, an esplanade for events, etc.

The marina features stores with prestigious international brands for nautical goods, boatyards, and luxury boat brokers.  Well-known top-quality fashion brands are there, too. In addition, Port Adriano has an excellent range of international ‘cuisines’.

With continuous events throughout the year, with concerts and cultural activities, it is the liveliest port in Mallorca and an essential part of the island’s leisure offer.

Puerto Portals

In the middle of the bay of Palma de Mallorca, Puerto Portals opens to the sea as the most glamorous nautical and leisure complex in the Mediterranean.

Located just 10 km from the centre of Palma and 16 km from the airport, the marina has 650 berths from 8 to 60 meters in length and an exclusive shopping area with a wide variety of quality complementary services: restaurants, bars, boutiques, nautical companies, jewellery shops and perfumeries, among other services.

Club de Mar Mallorca

Club de Mar Mallorca has 575 moorings and can accommodate boats from 8 meters to 135 meters in length, with a waiting dock for boats up to 350 meters.

The club has a comprehensive commercial and service area ranging from boutiques, restaurants as well as a chandlery and mechanical workshop. As complementary services, it has a meeting room, games, bars, swimming pool, children’s club, and everything you need to make your stay more pleasant and comfortable.

The main advantage of Club de Mar Mallorca is its location: situated on the seafront of Palma de Mallorca, capital of the Balearic Islands. Its position close to the city centre and shopping centre makes it unique among the yacht clubs and marinas of the island.

Marina Port de Mallorca

A welcoming marina the whole year-round Marina Port de Mallorca, has been a leading port in the Mediterranean right from the beginning, thanks to its team who are whole heartedly focused on working towards the quality and excellence of its facilities, that are both state-of-the-art and sustainable.

Its prime location in the heart of the Seafront Promenade in Palma de Mallorca makes it a unique marina in the Balearics and a port with moorings for boats up to 50m in length for all 365 days of the year, brimming with life in the centre of one of the most special and popular cities in Europe.

But its real value is being both one of the most welcoming yet also private marinas at the same time – thanks to its excellent security and absolute discretion, where clients and the marina team can become great colleagues and friends.

The marina awaits you with great enthusiasm and with open arms.


The Evolution team in Mallorca is led by Xisco Notario. His in-depth knowledge of the area allows him to advise expertly on cruising itineraries, berth opportunities, VIP entertainment and navigational laws across Mallorca. Whether you have guests on board or are spending time in a yard, Xisco and his team are available 24/7 to provide the necessary and bespoke solutions as well as peace of mind for your entire visit to Mallorca.

The Palma Evolution office is located in the Paseo Maritimo, next to the marinas, and the team is looking forward to welcoming you to Mallorca. They are a one-step solution to all your inquiries always with a personal, attentive, and friendly manner.

If you are interested in cruising Mallorca and the Balearics this season do not hesitate to get in touch with them at palma@evolutionagents.com

Experience the Palma Superyacht Show 2021

Palma Superyacht Show has oficially announced that the event will finally be held this year from the 3rd to the 6th of June in Palma Moll Vell’s marina, and we couldn’t be happier about this exciting news!

As preparations for this eagerly awaited event move fast, exhibitors are now getting down to work, focusing on the various arrangements needed to get ready for the show, including all the additional adjustments that might be required this year due to the COVID-pandemic.

Evolution is a yacht agency based in Palma de Mallorca, and we have assisted yachts and management companies for more than 10 years, always providing our clients with a wide range of first-class services and in-house resources, which have proved to be an invaluable asset for the preparation and arrangement of important events such as the Palma Superyacht Show 2021.

By preparing tailor-made pricing packages we provide management companies the transparency they need to be able to anticipate expenses and adjust their budget realistically.

Evolution can help you arrange the following servicesç

Crew immigration entrance clearance.

Health authorities/Sanitation clearance

Crew immigration assistance
– Travel letters

Berth booking assistance, offers
and reservation

Hotel/Apartments offers and reservation.

VIP/Crew transfers services from/to Airport – Cars at disposal.

Taxi services.

Anti-COVID treatments – Vessel disinfection and sanitization services including air purification (Price on request depending LOA)

Parcels reception, notification, storage, and delivery in Palma city.

Menu/Catering, (delivery included,)
– Provisioning orders.

Medical assistance – PCR’s with results in less than 24 hrs.

Sim cards (Movistar contract for the duration of the Show).

Flower arrangements & Interior orders.

Cash to boat.

Rental cars.


Get in contact with our Palma Operations team at palma@evolutionagents.com to request further information about any of the above services and more.

Yachts affected by VAT issues post-Brexit

Amongst the many doubts and uncertainties still circulaing following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, there is much confusion surrounding the issue of the VAT status on yachts at the end of the transition period.

In order to provide answers and clarifications on VAT and customs issues post-Brexit, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), European Boating Industry (EBI), European Boating Association (EBA), British Marine (BM) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) decided to publish a guide on the matter for yachting companies and users.

In this guide, which has been approved and validated by the European Commission, there are key scenarios that affect boats (detailed below) on the application of VAT in different situations. These important clarifications are the result of an initiative led by the EBI together with the European Commission.

VAT issues scenario post-Brexit


Impact on VAT Paid Status (VPS)

Scenario 1

  • GB owned/registered pleasure craft
  • In free circulation (VPS) within EU28 pre-TPE (and has supporting documentary evidence)
  • Within EU27 as at TPE

✓   EU VAT Paid Status

The boat retained EU VPS status.

Scenario 2

  • GB owned/registered pleasure craft
  • In free circulation (VPS) in EU28 pre-TPE (and has documentary evidence)
  • Within an EU27 as at TPE
  • Boat leaves EU27 (for GB or elsewhere) and then returns to the EU27

✓   RGR & EU VAT Paid Status

Boat is eligible to RGR on return to the EU27 and will have EU VPS, provided that all the conditions established in Article 203 UCC are fulfilled and, for VAT, that the boat is imported by the same person who exported it.

Scenario 3

  • EU27 owned/registered pleasure craft
  • EU28 VPS pre-TPE (and has documentary evidence)
  • In EU27 as at TPE
  • VAT paid on original new purchase in GB a number of years ago
  • Subsequent ownership and location within the EU27

✓   EU VAT Paid Status

The boat keeps its Union status and it is therefore in free circulation with EU VPS.

Scenario 4

  • GB owned/registered pleasure craft
  • Business owned
  • EU VPS before TPE
  • In EU27 as at TPE
  • Kept and used within the EU27
  • Long-term lease to individual for private use
  • GB VAT accounted for on annual lease charge

✓   EU VAT Paid Status

According to the information provided, the boat has Union status and keeps it unless the boat is taken outside the customs territory of the Union.

Scenario 5

  • GB owned/registered pleasure craft
  • Owner is ordinarily resident in GB
  • Using boat within EU27 on TA
  • Owner has an EU27 holiday property where they keep the boat moored (in their name)

✓   Temporary admission

A person is established in the customs territory of the Union if he/she fulfils the conditions established in Article 5(31) UCC. If the person is not established in the customs territory of the Union, then he/she can declare the boat for temporary admission if it has non-Union customs status.

Scenario 6

  • GB or EU27 owned/pleasure craft
  • In free circulation within EU28 pre-TPE (and has documentary evidence)
  • No evidence of having been in the EU27 previously; or
  • Ownership has changed since it was last in the EU27
  • In GB as at TPE

EU VAT Paid Status Lost

Article 203 UCC requires evidence of a previous export to the UK. The Commission guidance indicates that, in the absence of an export declaration, evidence of the previous movement of the boat to the UK is required. If the boat has never been in EU27 it is impossible to provide evidence of movement to the UK.

Scenario 7

  • EU27 owned/pleasure craft
  • In free circulation with EU28 pre-TPE (and has documentary evidence)
  • Had previously been evidenced as being within the EU27 within the last three years
  • In GB as at TPE
  • Same owner who brought it out of EU27, returned to the EU27 within three years of departure

Documentation required

Article 203 UCC requires evidence of a previous export to the UK. The Commission guidance indicates that, in the absence of an export declaration, evidence of the previous movement of the boat to the UK is required. If the boat has never been in EU27 it is impossible to provide evidence of movement to the UK.

Scenario 8

  • GB owned/pleasure craft
  • In free circulation with EU28 pre-TPE (and has documentary evidence)
  • Had previously been evidenced as being within the EU27 within the last three years
  • In GB as at TPE
  • Same owner who brought it out of EU27, returned to the EU27 within three years of departure

Documentation required

It is for the Member State to decide whether the conditions for RGR is possible (Article 203 UCC) are met. Article 203 UCC requires evidence of a previous export to the UK. The Commission guidance indicates that, in the absence of an export declaration, evidence of the previous movement of the boat to the UK is required. Member State authorities must therefore assess whether that satisfactory evidence can be provided in this scenario.

With reference to the Scenarios 7 and 8 Evolution will keep you updated on the different requirements and procedures as a proof of export demanded by every member state within the EU27.

The following acronyms are used:

TPE = The time at which the transition period ended – 31 December 2020, 23:00 UTC
VPS = VAT Paid Status: i.e. in free circulation
EU28 = EU before TPE, i.e. including UK
EU27 = EU after TPE, i.e. excluding UK
GB = England / Scotland / Wales excluding Northern Ireland
TA = Temporary Admission
RGR = Returned Goods Relief
UCC = Union Customs Code

*All information believed correct at time of publishing of the above article – 9th April 2021. Evolution holds no liability for subsequent changes made to these clarifications, the future actions of the European Commission or the actions of individual EU nations *** 

The Union Customs Code referred to within this document can be found here.

As the guide has been approved and validated by the European Commission, if any of the key scenarios presented in this guide are not applied in any designated EU country, there is the possibility to file formal complaints in front of the European Commission. This action may require clarification on the documentation requested.

For further assistance please contact us at customs@evolutionagents.com.

Why should a superyacht choose Costa Brava?

The Costa Brava (Rugged Coast) is the northern Catalan coast stretching between France and the region known as Catalunya Nord (Northern Catalonia), earning its name due to the large, unusual rock formations and its wild landscape, both picturesque and captivating.

This region is considered a transit area between the south of France and Barcelona, and Port Vendres, on the French side, provides the perfect pick-up or drop-off point for guests who wish to head to Barcelona or the Balearics.

It is an exclusive and unknown area offering many natural hideouts and protected anchorages from where you can explore hidden, unspoiled areas, many of which only have access from the sea.


The Costa Brava offers an array of possibilities for visitors attracted by the climate, cuisine, natural environment and leisure activities in the area, as well as the hospitality of its people.

The Costa Brava has much to offer its visitors – you can visit eight spectacular natural parks (such as Natural Park of Cape Creus), enjoy exquisite Michelin-star rated cuisine that combines tradition and innovation (El Celler de Can Roca, for example), discover the region’s rich cultural heritage through Greco-Roman ruins, breathtaking villages (such as Port Vendres, Cadaqués, Roses, l’Estartit, Palamós, Calella de Palafrugell, Sant Felíu de Guixols, Tossa de Mar or Pals) and the work of Salvador Dalí. Enjoy an extensive range of memory-making activities that include hot air balloon rides, skiing, golf, water sports, and simply unwinding at one of the region’s many spas.

It is an extraordinary place that invites you to experience all its charm and character to the fullest with first-rate premium experiences and the most exclusive services.


Club Nàutic Feliu de Guíxols

This is a beautiful port, very well placed in Costa Brava to provide shelter during the local Tramuntana winds or uncomfortable seas, with 430 berths for yachts up to 80m. The marina is located right on the edge of the the charming little town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols rich in charming restaurants, shops and hotels.

The marina offers many attractions and facilities: water sports, sailing school and a wide gastronomic range at its first-class restaurant. Close by you can also find a wide variety of anchorage options, for day of watersports or just to enjoy the beautiful views of the coastline.


The Port of Palamós is a unique port located in the important fishing and trading town of Palamós, located in the central zone of the Costa Brava in a natural bay and enjoying an excellent climate.

The port of Palamós is in one of the deepest bays of the western Mediterranean, sheltered from the strong north winds and safe for all types of vessels. It can accommodate vessels up to 150 meters and is a perfect base for exploring the areas of Girona and Emporda.

Port Roses

Port Roses lies on the eastern side of the stunning bay of Roses, at the start of Cap de Creus and just perched on the edge of the town centre, it provides welcome protection from the often-strong winds in this area.  The private marina can offer berths up to 40m and the commercial dock can welcome vessels up to 150m.  The bay also offers a perfect anchorage spot for all sizes.


What truly puts the Costa Brava on the map as a desirable cruising destination are the many protected bays nestled into the convergence of coastal cliffs creating the perfect shelter for anchoring with dramatic views and calm clear waters.

Cala Tamariu. Cala Fornell-Aiguablava. Cala de Montjoi. Puerto de Cadaques. Cala de Port Lligat are just some of our favourites with crystalline waters and plenty flora and fauna to attract divers and snorkelers.


For all Costa Brava based vessels, Kerry Allerton and her team will be your main contact to oversee a smooth and successful visit. They are available 24/7 to provide the necessary and bespoke solutions as well as peace of mind.

The Evolution team in the Costa Brava offers a worry free and rapid procedure if entering the French territorial waters via the France – Spain Mediterranean border, processing and delivering the required SAD clearance, issued by the Port Vendres Customs Authority. Evolution can facilitate vessel clearance into French waters in Port Vendres.

If you are interested in finding out more on any of the above information and more, please contact costabrava@evolutionagents.com

Why should a superyacht choose Barcelona?

Barcelona city is Spain’s major Mediterranean port and commercial center, globally known for its unique lifestyle and physical beauty.

Located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is a city very well connected by land, sea and air. The Pyrenees mountains, the dramatic coastline of the Costa Brava, vineyards and beautiful Catalan hills are all within a few hours drive and its international airport provides a quick connection with all the major capital cities of the world.


Thanks to its privileged location, Barcelona enjoys a warm and pleasant climate throughout the year, meaning a multitude of cultural and recreational activities are available for outdoor lovers.

Some of the main tourist attractions of the city are the impressive architectural jewels of modernism designed by Antoni Gaudí, such as Sagrada Familia or Park Güell. You must not forget to visit the emblematic districts of El Gótico (where you can visit the Gothic Cathedral), Montjuic (with the Spanish Village and the Montjuic Fountain) or the Picasso Museum.

Another of its great attractions is not only the richness and variety of Catalan gastronomy but its world-class standing in terms of high quality and Michelin-starred restaurants. For those looking for international flavor and creativity, there are 22 Michelin starred restaurants to choose from. 

Not forgetting also that the primary cava production area lay less than an hour away as well as the red wine havens of Priorat and Emporda, offering a wonderful day out for tastings, tours and lunches.


Barcelona’s main marinas are located only 20 minutes by road from the international airport and a few minutes from the city center.

Marina Port Vell

Marina Port Vell is the most elegant destination for superyachts, perfectly positioned in the heart of Barcelona, a few minutes walk from the city center and the beach and 25 minutes from main airpot in Barcelona. Originally built for the 1992 Olympic Games, the marina completed its transformation into a luxury facility a few years ago and now offers 151 berth for yachts up to 190 meters with a crew gym, crew social area, parking, storage and high security.

Thanks to its location, luxury facilities and professional services, Marina Port Vell guarantees a perfect and complete experience for both crew and guests.

Marina Vela Barcelona

Marina Vela Barcelona has 130 berths available for vessels from 12 to 90 meters. This new marina is located at the entry of the port and it is mainly focused to 45-50mts vessels. W Hotel and MB92 shipyard are 2 minutes away and the center town 7 minutes by taxi ride.

Offering parking, good storage facilities (40m2 spaces), tender dry-docking as well as restaurants and exclusive office spaces for yacht services within the newly renovated complex, this marina is a very welcome newcomer to the Barcelona superyacht scene.

If there is something that stands out about this marina, it is its accessibility and privacy. The innovative facilities and excellent services tucked away from the beating heart of the city, yet still within reach, makes Marina Vela Barcelona a smart choice for captains and Owners.

Port Fòrum

Port Fòrum lay a little further north of the city at only 15 minutes by car and public transport and offers within its facilities more than 200 berths from 10 to 80 meters in length, distributed over 7 pontoons.

Located closed to the modern Diagonal Mar neighborhood, you can find shops, parks, restaurants, major hotels and various sports, leisure and commercial activities close by without needing to head to the city center, turning it one of the quietest ports in Barcelona. The marina also offers tender storage and maintenance and contractor services within its grounds.


Thanks to more tan 10 years of experience, our local knowledge and a Good relationship with the local authorities,the Evolution team in Barcelona offers comprehensive and complete service that guarantee an exceptional and stress-free stay in the city and surroundings.

Our Provisions & Interior department, led by Colin and Mónica, partner with the best suppliers near and far to guarantee top quality products, custom prepare adn packaged and delivered at your convenience.

Clara manages our Customs & Logistics team to provide the expertise needed in this difficult sector, from transportation of tenders and high value owner ítems to every day shipping and Storage solutions.

Dani, Mila and Ignaci run our Contractors & Spares team, offering in-depth knowledge of technical and mechanical systems and spare parts onboard and can recommend the best local skilled support to achieve your projects.

For all your crew and Concierge support such as itineraries, port clearance, reservations, medical, immigration, accommodation, transport services and much more Kerry and Sonia are available 24/7 to provide the necessary solutions as well as peace of mind.

In order to guarantee these services and many more, the team is available 24/7 by email and you can find us during office hours strategically positioned between MB92 and Marina Port Vell at Passeig Joan de Borbó, 80-84, Local L, 08003, Barcelona.

If you are interested in finding out more on any of the above information and more, please contact us at barcelona@evolutionagents.com.