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BREXIT effects for crew traveling to Spain

With the United Kingdom officially exiting the European Union on January 1st, 2021, the entire world will have to deal with its lasting implications. While economic, social, and political matters will see much change after Brexit comes into force, travel and tourism will also face significant changes after the transition period that will end this year, on December 31st.

When Brexit comes into effect, all British nationals will be non-Europeans and therefore treated as such in terms of restrictions of movement and entry requirements into the Schengen area.  If no further agreements are reached, all British nationals will no longer enjoy unrestricted lengths of stay in the Schengen area but instead be limited to 90 days in every 180 day period, and, very important to note, with no need to hold a Schengen visa to enter.

When it comes to yachts and its crew in particular, Brexit will have an impact in terms of travel and immigration procedures, which will immediately come into force on January 1st, if no further agreements have been reached before.

1.  If I am a British crew member already embarked on board a yacht in Schengen territory (ie: Spain) on January 1st, how long will I be able to remain in EU? What will I need to do?

All British crew members already embarked on a vessel in the Schengen area will be able to remain indefinitely within a 10km radius of the vessel’s location as long as they are officially embarked and employed onboard, and stamped out of Europe in their passports.

On the other hand, all British crew currently onboard a yacht in the Schengen zone and wishing to disembark after January 1st will be subject to disembarkation protocols, which means getting their passport stamped INTO Europe in order to disembark and travel within the EU or return to the UK.

To find out more about the exact immigration protocols to be followed from this date on if you are already embarked, we highly recommend you contact your local EVO office as procedures may change depending on your current port.

2. As a British seafarer, what will I need to do to embark a yacht that is already located in EU waters?

From 1st January 2021 British crew will be subject to official protocols in front of immigration authorities when embarking a yacht moored in the Schengen area, which means getting their passports stamped OUT of the Schengen zone once embarked in order to stop the days running on their passports while embarked.

As previously mentioned, exact protocols to be followed may vary in each port, therefore we highly advise to contact us for further information on a case-by-case basis.

3. Considering the COVID- related restrictions currently in force, under which circumstances will a British citizen be able to travel to Spain?

After Brexit comes into full effect on 1st January, United Kingdom will be considered a third country, and as such, COVID-related restrictions currently in force related to non-essential travelling may apply as the European Commission has confirmed that no exceptions will be made for the UK and the same rules will apply as to other third nations.        

Please click here for full information about COVID-related travel restrictions.


**As of today, due to the high contagion rate increase, an exceptional Ministerial Order has been approved by the Spanish Government, which states that from December 22nd until January 5th, at least, flights departing from the UK towards Spain can only carry Spanish nationals, Andorran nationals or registered residents in Spain or Andorra.**

**EDIT 13/01/2021: Please note that on 1st January 2021 the Spanish Government published an update to the restrictions for using the direct travel corridor UK-SPAIN allowing an exception for seafarers traveling to embark vessels in Spanish waters, providing they show justification of their seafarer status and obligation to resume onboard duties.  Nevertheless, we are finding that some groundstaff in the UK and airline companies are not recognizing this exemption and are recommending that seafarers in the UK delay travel or find alternative routes to the vessel.**

Contact your Evolution office for guidance and assistance or send us an email to

Evolution extends services in Gibraltar

After a very challenging year we are very pleased to announce that Evolution Yacht Agents is now opening a new warehouse in Gibraltar, which is managed by our in-house Customs Department. 

With this new asset to our already existing services in the area we reinforce our position as leading yacht agency throughout Spanish territory thanks to our expertise and excellent operational know-how. 

The main objective of this added service will be to continue supporting our customers by offering fully comprehensive and professional services throughout the whole Iberian coast.

Its strategic location, on the threshold of the Atlantic Ocean and exit from the Mediterranean Sea, is without a doubt one of the reasons Gibraltar is a preferred yacht destination for both owners and crew, who often go there for clearance or after finishing their TPA process in Spain.

This new Logistics & Customs service could not arrive at a better time, as yachts will be counting on the assistance of a reliable agent to guide them through all changes incurred as BREXIT comes into force and the direct implications for yachting operational activities and logistics in Gibraltar.

Yachts heading to Gibraltar are able to benefit from its VAT free status, which translates into very competitive fueling operations, spares acquisitions, ship logistics, provisions and more.

Belén Martín, Founder and Executive Director at Evolution, states: “We are delighted to offer our existing client base and potential new clients supplementary support in Gibraltar. With so many of our clients passing through, we felt that it only made sense to extend our existing know-how to this area and find a way to offer our full range of yacht services from Concierge and Provisions to Customs and Logistics.” 

“Having our own warehouse there will allow us to strengthen the relationship with our customers and work even closer with them. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that guarantees our customers peace of mind, especially as the entry into force of Brexit approaches” says Bea Alonso, Founder and Managing Director at Evolution Yacht Agents.

For further information and assistance in Gibraltar please contact  our Gibraltar Operations team.

World Trade Center
1st Floor – Unit 1.02, 6 Bayside Road
Gibraltar, GX11 1AA
Tel.  (+34) 650 220 099 

Spanish traditions for the Christmas season

As we gradually get used to the cold of December and we approach the (long awaited) end of 2020, we cannot help but to start humming our favorite carols (campana sobre campana, y sobre campana una…) and embrace the arrival of one of the most expected holidays in the Spanish calendar: Christmas. 

Warm lights and all sorts of Christmas decorations take the spotlight in the city streets, as shops start to fill up with toys and gifts for those last-minute buyers rushing to look for the perfect Christmas present.

For Spaniards, the Christmas holidays are one of the most important celebrations of the year, since it is always a season of joy, family union and happiness. But if there’s something that makes Christmas so special, it is undoubtedly the traditions and customs that unite all Spaniards year after year.

Keep reading to discover the most interesting and typical Spanish traditions (Have grapes come to your mind yet?):

Lucky 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve

Indeed, One of the most deeply rooted Christmas traditions in Spain is to have one grape for each month of the year at 12 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, because it is said to bring good luck.

At the last minute of the year, 12 bells ring out to mark the beginning of the new year. After bells and grapes everyone toasts and kisses to congratulate and wish each other the best. Every year at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid there is a simulation on December 30th at 12 pm, known as the ‘pre-uvas’ (pre-grapes).

Christmas Lottery Hunt

There is a municipality in Lleida called “Sort”, which in Spanish means “Luck”. This town sells the most sought-after Christmas lottery due to its name. Here the lottery is a real festival and its administration, “La Bruixa d’Or”, sells an incredible number of tickets every year.

December 22nd, the day of the National Christmas Draw, is one of the most eagerly awaited dates since the first edition was held in 1812. Ever since then, every Spaniard makes sure to get at least one ticket, and gift their loved ones with one as well. Many companies have also turned Christmas lottery into a tradition gifting their employees with a ticket every year, sharing therefore their good fortune wishes.

Red underwear for the New Year

In addition to the lucky grapes, Spaniards also wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve as it is believed that this color will bring good luck to those who wear it on the last night of the year.

The most accepted explanation for this tradition dates back to the Middle Age. The color red was related to the devil and witchcraft; therefore, it was forbidden to wear it in public. At the time it was also believed that in winter, when everything is white and there is no color in the streets, wearing something red was a symbol of life and good luck, but since it was forbidden, people would wear red clothes in secret, and what better way than to wear them as underwear? In Spain this tradition has been kept to this day.

Put a piece of jewelry in your cava glass

Another way to ensure good luck is to toast with either cava or champagne and add inside the glass some gold, for example a ring, at the time of the toast. You should not take the gold out of the glass until you’ve finished drinking and hugging those in the room at the moment of celebrating the arrival of the new year, otherwise the ritual is said not to be valid.

If it is the wedding ring you’re putting inside the glass, the duration and wellbeing of the marriage is said to be guaranteed for one year. This formula is also valid to ensure the love of a person, just by placing a ring inside his/her glass at the time of the toast and let the person in question drink.

These are some of the main Spanish traditions during Christmas, but there are many more. Some are more deeply rooted than others, but all have something in common: enjoying family and friends, saying goodbye to the year that is ending and welcoming the one that is beginning, hoping for the best year possible.

Giving back for Christmas: Ocean-friendly gestures

Why not take advantage of the Christmas Spirit and consider implementing new habits in your routine as a way to give back to the ocean? After all, we must thank the sea for keeping us alive, safe, paid and fed, hence it seems only fair that it benefits from the season of goodwill as well.

Here are a few effortless lifestyle choices that can help protect and restore our oceans for future generations:


Say no to single use plastics such as straws, plastic cutlery, coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags, balloons, plastic-wrapped produce, and take-out food containers. These often end up in the marine environment and never go away!

Glass, silicone, or stainless-steel containers are a good alternative to plastic and much more sustainable, as these can be re-used many times.


There are many products in the market directly linked to causing harm to endangered marine species, as well as supporting unsustainable fishing methods and pollution.

For instance, cosmetic products containing shark squalene, as well as jewelry made of coral should be avoided at all costs, as these imply a threat to important marine species and ecosystems.


Though this might seem odd, chewing gum is actually made of a synthetic rubber that’s plastic, and it’s classified as the world’s second most common form of litter after cigarette butts.

Conventional gum is not biodegradable; therefore, many fish end up consuming littered gum involuntarily, which accumulates toxins overtime. These are then reintroduced into the food chain when we eat the fish.


Selecting the right cleaning products can be a tricky matter, as companies are allowed to stick the words biodegradable, natural and green on pretty much anything.

Here’s a tip that can help: Look for Phosphates on the label.

One might think phosphates are good because they help support and grow algae, but too much of it causes algae to grow too fast and the ecosystem cannot handle it, causing marine life to go out of balance and leading to species decline.

Evolution can supply organic and environmentally cleaning products and we are also able to source more ocean-friendly products.


All life on Earth is connected to the ocean and its inhabitants. The more you learn about its issues, the more you’ll realize that it is time to make a change in your lifestyle in order to help preserve the ocean. Make sure you share that knowledge to educate and inspire others to pitch in.

Saving the oceans might feel like an overwhelming task, but if we all pitch in, every little gesture can make a huge positive impact.

CREW Christmas events

Christmas is looking very different this year but there is no need for it to be any less jolly! 

For crew spending the holiday season with us here in Spanish waters we have plenty festive options for you. 

Surround yourselves with sparkle and zazzle and order your tree, decorations, bells, balloons, garlands and glitter from us – we know all the secret santa spots for gifts and goodies too!

As every big gathering around the table this year is likely to happen in the crew mess, we can provide the turkey and all the trimmings, the christmas crackers and of course the bubbles, contact our provisioning department for savoury and sweet delights and indulge!

And to finish off the Christmas cheer, let us add some extra fun and jolliness to your celebrations with some onboard entertainment and activities.  Here are just some ideas….

  • WINTER WINE TASTING: Our wine specialist can load up his sleigh with some special festive wines and lead you through the history and processing as well of course as tasting!
  • MAGIC SHOW: Either onboard or via Zoom we can organize an amazing interactive show of mystery and wonder!
  • LIVE SPANISH FLAMENCO: not particularly known as a Christmas tradition but our wonderful dancers will liven up any event and are jolly all year around!
  • RACE NIGHT: hold your own Night at the Races – a virtual event onboard to get the adrenaline pumping and who doesn´t love a bit of healthy competition!

Talk to us also about any other request you may have, onboard workshops – renting games machines (pinball, air hockey, etc), live music & DJs and we will put our Christmas elves to work!

And of course Christmas is also about giving, so remember we are still taking donations for our Christmas Charity Drive. There are 2 ways you can contribute:

1.- CHRISTMAS CHARITY BOX: We have placed a big charity box where you can drop your donations next time you stop by our office. Every little counts!

2.- CHRISTMAS CHARITY VAN: For those able to be extra generous, our Christmas charity van is now available to collect your donations directly on board!

What can you donate? We are accepting essential-use items, such as clothing, hygiene products, non-perishable food, but also books or toys. Everything will be put to good use! Ask us for details.

For further information, more ideas and assistance please contact your Evolution office or send us an email to