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Get your B1B2 visas for crew

Get your B1B2 visas for crew

Although times are still uncertain, many vessels are preparing for a Caribbean season and therefore needing B1B2 visas for their crew. 

Even prior to COVID, there are many horror stories out there of visa refusals, mostly due the lack of information and preparation prior to their interview, which lead the Embassy not to be convinced about the applicants’ purpose for entering the USA.

Add on top of this, the difficulty of the current global situation – with so many changing travel restrictions and fewer visas being authorized, it is of vital importance to have trusted and well-founded advice to guide you correctly through all the steps to ensure a successful application.

US embassies in Europe closed their agendas for a time over the summer and there is now a backlog of appointments – many are publishing the next availability well in to 2021, even as far as August!  Despite this, so far this season, Evolution has successfully arranged over 80 appointments for crew members applying for a B1B2 visas in Madrid, all within a time frame to suit their boat´s agenda despite the calendar posting no availability in 2020.  Some even have been confirmed within a week´s notice and all those who have had their appointments have been granted the desired visa.

Our experience of this process over the past few years guarantees Evolution as your perfect partner to ensure a swift application process and increasing considerably the chances of success.

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COVID-19 onboard testing

Evolution Yacht Agents offers all clients in the Barcelona area onboard or “at home” testing for the coronavirus, both immunity and PCR checks.

  • PCR (Polymerise Chain Reaction): detects the presence of the virus DNA, which can be found early on, even before symptoms have developed. Both blood and nasopharyngeal swab samples are submitted for analysis.
  • Immunity Test: detects antibodies IgG and IgM in the blood which indicate if you have had the virus and have developed an adequate immune response. Blood analysis only.

This combined testing is considered the most accurate and efficient method currently available and it is recognized and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Evolution Yacht Agents have carried out over 500 COVID-19 tests in Spain for crew and guests this season 2020 with the following results.

In the Barcelona Area (including Tarragona) we have processed 416 COVID-19 tests to date with only 4 results coming in positive, which means less than 1%.  All 4 crew were asymptomatic and just being tested as part of the vessel´s due diligence protocol.  Upon retesting a week later all crew returned negative PCR results.

In the Balearics area, we are pleased to announce that we have done 109 PCR test for our clients and all produced negative results.

The media coverage of the pandemic in Spain is portraying a rather dismal picture, but the reality is rather different in light of our statistics above.

We will be pleased to welcome you to any Spanish port this winter, and can assure you of a safe and healthy environment.

Please also ask about our recommendations regarding flu vaccinations for the winter season 2020-2021. Our team would be delighted to provide more information at