Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

Evolution has the unique public bonded warehouse in the Balearics.

The 2.500m²  bonded warehouse is 12 meters high and available to all vessels, captains and businesses in the yachting industry for goods-in-transit purposes.

A bonded warehouse is an exempted area which permits indefinite storage of goods coming from outside the European Union “in transit” without paying import taxes, until they are released.

This is the first and only bonded warehouse in all the Balearics, and provides the advantage to move and stock items into a convenient space from a non EU zone into the EU. It allows yachts to store their goods without paying the taxes, as well as provide a holding area in case the vessel has delays or complications with itineraries and cannot take receipt themselves at the scheduled time. This new facility helps suppliers in the Balearics or Spain to have a larger international stock of duty free items available at all times. For Evolution , it opens the door to new opportunities in trading with overseas suppliers and shippers.

What goods can be stored in a bonded warehouse?

Any type of goods that are coming in transit from outside the EU or with a special customs certification subject to tax suspension, for example, tenders, spare parts, containers, but as well as furniture,art, interior items, Owners personal belongings…In general anything and everything! Please note goods under any other special classification, like those subject to sanitary inspection or pharmaceutical items cannot be included in this tax suspension category  as there is a different clearance procedure needed for such items.

When goods are stored, an agreement is entered into with both Evolution and the customs authorities whereby they undertake the responsibility of the safe storage of the goods and the payment of import duties. Every procedure is managed and supervised closely by the Customs Office and the Logistics team at Evolution.

 Services provided by Evolution at the Bonded Warehouse: 

i. Items can be stored indefinitely in the bonded warehouse without payment of custom duties. The goods are stored until the client needs them to be imported into Spain, transported or shipped to another non EU destination. This process facilitates the re-exportation of goods without much financial expenditure because the imported goods meant for re-export are kept in the warehouse.
ii. In case of a change of schedule know that the imported goods can be held safely, securely and indefinitely until delivery to the vessel can be completed.
iii. The importer may inventory, sort, repackage, etc. the goods whilst being held in the facilities and minor repairs/works can be carried out on site with prior notification.
iv. The importer can execute the sale of goods or transfer the title of goods by endorsing the warehouse receipts, thus enabling further savings on the part of the importer.
v. Goods kept in bonded warehouse can be used as collateral security for a bank loan.

All the above advantages can also be applied to clients needing standard warehousing service -as part of Evolution´s all-in-one logistics services this fully equipped facility can be adapted to your storage and packing needs:

– Full containers (duty paid / bonded)
– By square meters (duty paid / bonded)
– By cages, pallets or racks.