Evolution partners up with SABOR Provisions

We are very excited to announce that EVOLUTION´s Provisioning department is partnering up and joining forces with SABOR PROVISIONS, a very well-established provisioning company in the superyacht industry. This partnership is the result of a natural growth between both companies, wanting to combine Evolution´s extensive network of contacts and logistics know-how with Sabor´s experience in the provisioning field and world-class produce.

Our main objective together will be providing an outstanding standard of service to our customers regardless of their location and stablishing our position as leader both in SPAIN and GIBRALTAR. Evolution´s proximity and expertise on the “customs´ difficulties” in Gibraltar added to the quality of service from Sabor and Evo Provisions will guarantee the success of the service, allowing us to become the only specialized provisioning company in the area.

This project will be led by Paul Healy, Manager at Sabor Provisions, Colin Clark, our Head of Provisions and Mónica López, Head of Interior at Evolution. All of them have a good record and 15 years of experience assisting both crew and guest orders and are very aware of the importance of helping their clients understanding their needs and their rush in stressful situations. Being also based in Spain, one of the world´s gastronomic leaders today, will guarantee to all our clients the variety, quality and good value of the final produce.

“The moment to join forces has arrived for EVOLUTION and SABOR PROVISIONS and we are very much looking forward to satisfying all our clients by delivering the right product at the right moment and at the right price, no matter where they are” states Colin Clark.

Place your order at provisions@evolutionagents.com

CREW Christmas events

Christmas is looking very different this year but there is no need for it to be any less jolly! 

For crew spending the holiday season with us here in Spanish waters we have plenty festive options for you. 

Surround yourselves with sparkle and zazzle and order your tree, decorations, bells, balloons, garlands and glitter from us – we know all the secret santa spots for gifts and goodies too!

As every big gathering around the table this year is likely to happen in the crew mess, we can provide the turkey and all the trimmings, the christmas crackers and of course the bubbles, contact our provisioning department for savoury and sweet delights and indulge!

And to finish off the Christmas cheer, let us add some extra fun and jolliness to your celebrations with some onboard entertainment and activities.  Here are just some ideas….

  • WINTER WINE TASTING: Our wine specialist can load up his sleigh with some special festive wines and lead you through the history and processing as well of course as tasting!
  • MAGIC SHOW: Either onboard or via Zoom we can organize an amazing interactive show of mystery and wonder!
  • LIVE SPANISH FLAMENCO: not particularly known as a Christmas tradition but our wonderful dancers will liven up any event and are jolly all year around!
  • RACE NIGHT: hold your own Night at the Races – a virtual event onboard to get the adrenaline pumping and who doesn´t love a bit of healthy competition!

Talk to us also about any other request you may have, onboard workshops – renting games machines (pinball, air hockey, etc), live music & DJs and we will put our Christmas elves to work!

And of course Christmas is also about giving, so remember we are still taking donations for our Christmas Charity Drive. There are 2 ways you can contribute:

1.- CHRISTMAS CHARITY BOX: We have placed a big charity box where you can drop your donations next time you stop by our office. Every little counts!

2.- CHRISTMAS CHARITY VAN: For those able to be extra generous, our Christmas charity van is now available to collect your donations directly on board!

What can you donate? We are accepting essential-use items, such as clothing, hygiene products, non-perishable food, but also books or toys. Everything will be put to good use! Ask us for details.

For further information, more ideas and assistance please contact your Evolution office or send us an email to info@evolutionagents.com

Winter Season: Top refit facilities in Spain

SPAIN is a perfect winter destination for yachts for many reasons.  Firstly, its proximity to prime summer cruising grounds makes it a short hop once the final guests disembark, and secondly our mild winter weather means that not only are works rarely impeded by mother nature but it also makes the time more pleasant for crew – both on and off duty.  

And WINTER for yachts not cruising in sunnier climes, inevitably means WORKLIST – whether you are scheduling a major refit, an engine room overhaul, interior upgrades or your 10 year survey, finding a reliable and efficient yard is the key to success and SPAIN offers many options.  

Here we present our top picks for the finest and most reliable yards in Spain, taking into account all yacht sizes and their ability to offer the skills and expertise necessary for a full range of works. 

Combined with our in-house TPA services, winter in Spain really does make sense!

STP Shipyard Palma is located right in the centre of Palma and only a 5-minute walk from the historical old town. It is also only 10 km from Son Sant Joan Airport where airlines fly to any European capital.

STP offers the possibility of maintenance and refit work both afloat and on the dry under the open shipyard management model. The facility boasts 44.000 m2 of water depth and berthing capacity of up to 120 meters for afloat works. For boats on the hard, it has a lifting capacity of up to 1.000 tons, and a working area of ​​86.000 m2.

It is a perfect option for vessels wanting to choose for themselves which companies and suppliers to work with. STP allows each vessel to maintain tighter control over the entire refit and repair process, with the added convenience of having all services centralized in one place and up to 5,000 m2 in the shipyard dedicated to workshops.

MB92 is located at the natural gateway from the sea to the beautiful city of Barcelona, within walking distance of both the beach and the city centre.

Offering a total area for ​​repair and maintenance work of 124,000 m2, and with the lifting capacity of a Syncrolift of 2,000 tons, the new Shiplift of 4,800 tons inaugurated last year and the dry dock, it is one of the largest superyacht facilities in the world.

The MB92 Barcelona Shipyard, with more than 25 years of experience, has a dedicated Project Management team that works together with the best industry-leading professionals and specialists from around the world ensuring a well-coordinated and successful refit period.

Astilleros de Mallorca Shipyard has earned an excellent reputation over the years and has become the leading shipyard in the Balearics. Located in the Port of Palma, only a short walk from the city centre, this was one of the first facilities to provide a full ‘one stop’ refit and repair service for superyachts.

They can offer two different refit locations within the city of Palma; firstly, their own shipyard with an operational area of 23,000 m2 and 4 slipways with a maximum haul out capacity of 1,700 tons, and outfitting quays for vessels up to 120 meters; and secondly, the technical area of STP where they can work as the main contractor or offering support and assistance with specific jobs.

Project management, design and technical staff oversee all projects and ensure that, whilst the vessel is in the yard, the refit runs as smooth and efficiently as possible.

Port Tarraco Works Shipyard was set up to service an ever-growing superyacht community in the already substantial port of Tarragona. This city offers a very authentic aspect of Catalonian life, serviced by Reus Airport 15 minutes away by car and Barcelona International Airport, accessible in just over an hour.
PTW Shipyard offers practical haul out facilities with a travelift of 300 tons, 15,500 m2 of hard standing area, 2,100 m2 of workshops and also a berthing working area of 180 m2. With a full complement of technical staff specialized in yacht refit and repairs, the yard can support yachts up to 110 m, ensuring that all the goals and objectives of the project are accomplished within the established time frame and budget.

Just 30 minutes away from Barcelona International airport and 45 minutes from the centre of Barcelona, the superyacht technical service of Pendennis Vilanova occupies 30,000 m2 of shipyard equipped with both a 200 ton and 620 ton travel-lift.

Pendennis Vilanova works in tandem with the adjacent Vilanova Grand Marina to provide a complete service for superyachts on the Catalonia coastline, focusing on small to medium scale refits. Yachts under refit will benefit from a program aimed at improving sustainability and environmental protection as well as a multilingual technical support team who will make sure that all the needs of shipowners, captains and crew are met.

Varadero Valencia is located in the Real Club Náutico de Valencia only 15 minutes from the high-speed train station (AVE) and international airport, and also only 5 km from the centre of Valencia. Its port offers a rich legacy of maritime activity and the city has much to offer crew in terms of culture, leisure as well as professional and skilled services for a yacht maintenance period, big or small.

Varadero Valencia counts on a technical area of 28,000 m2, a travel-lift of 300 tons and a 400 m2 covered warehouse; together with a team of highly qualified specialists they offer a comprehensive choice of repair and maintenance services for yachts up to 45m.

Port Denia is located just 45 miles from the islands of Ibiza and Formentera and 1 hour from both Alicante and Valencia airports. Offering both shipyard and marina facilities in the heart of the town this is an attractive alternative choice for yachts getting ready for the season in the Mediterranean.

Port Denia Superyacht Shipyard is a refit and maintenance and repainting facility boasting two 80m haulout slipways, a 150 ton travel-lift and extensive dry dock area of 21,000 m2. Specialist workshops servicing superyachts up to 1,200 GT with multidisciplinary and experienced teams of professionals means support is on hand to get your projects completed quickly and efficiently.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other winter refit option in Spain: info@evolutionagents.com

Stocking up for the winter season

At this time of year, we know most of our clients are busy getting ready for the Caribbean season.  Tying up loose ends from the summer whilst finishing a maintenance period and preparing for the winter is a hectic time, often with crew on leave or managing changeovers, which is why they seek a helping hand with their most time-consuming errands, such as provisioning and restocking.

Picture going to the local market and hand-picking the freshest and finest products, from the highest quality meat to ecologically grown fruits and vegetables, then having it delivered in a timely manner, all without leaving your boat.  That is what we do.

Or imagine the time and energy spent maneuvering four trolleys down the supermarket isle loaded with bulky or heavy items such as laundry detergent, paper towel, and cans of coke.  Why not utilize your resources to be productive in other ways and let Evolution take care of this with our local wholesale suppliers and deliver everything to the dock?

Thanks to our expertise in yacht services and understanding of your needs we pride ourselves on our proven ability to exceed our customer’s expectations, in quality and price and efficiency.

Discover why our team is your best onshore partner:

  • Save time. Centralize your requests

Whether it is a drinks order for the crew, dry goods for the Galley, a laundry restock or guest toiletries, you name it! Our wide range of in-house resources allows us to provide a fast, reliable, and unique provisioning service.

  • Optimize your storage

We are experts in finding the most space-efficient formats available, knowing that making room for provisions onboard can be quite challenging. We can supply wholesale formats on request, only available through our selected suppliers.

  • Top quality meat supplies

Whether it is a quick stock up for the crew, or a gourmet order for your guest trips, our provisions team members are experts in sourcing the highest quality meat from local suppliers. Get a range of high-quality cuts, from ground beef to filet mignon, at a price you will be happy with.

  • Eat smart

We supply a wide selection of organic and vegan products for those interested in eco-friendly, sustainable options.

  • The most exclusive supplies at your fingertips

Needing a restock? We work hand in hand with the most prestigious interior brands, such as Bvlgari, Molton Brown, Jo Malone and many others. Feel free to place your quote request.

E-mail us your shopping lists and request further information – info@evolutionagents.com

COVID-19 onboard testing

Evolution Yacht Agents offers all clients in the Barcelona area onboard or “at home” testing for the coronavirus, both immunity and PCR checks.

  • PCR (Polymerise Chain Reaction): detects the presence of the virus DNA, which can be found early on, even before symptoms have developed. Both blood and nasopharyngeal swab samples are submitted for analysis.
  • Immunity Test: detects antibodies IgG and IgM in the blood which indicate if you have had the virus and have developed an adequate immune response. Blood analysis only.

This combined testing is considered the most accurate and efficient method currently available and it is recognized and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Evolution Yacht Agents have carried out over 500 COVID-19 tests in Spain for crew and guests this season 2020 with the following results.

In the Barcelona Area (including Tarragona) we have processed 416 COVID-19 tests to date with only 4 results coming in positive, which means less than 1%.  All 4 crew were asymptomatic and just being tested as part of the vessel´s due diligence protocol.  Upon retesting a week later all crew returned negative PCR results.

In the Balearics area, we are pleased to announce that we have done 109 PCR test for our clients and all produced negative results.

The media coverage of the pandemic in Spain is portraying a rather dismal picture, but the reality is rather different in light of our statistics above.

We will be pleased to welcome you to any Spanish port this winter, and can assure you of a safe and healthy environment.

Please also ask about our recommendations regarding flu vaccinations for the winter season 2020-2021. Our team would be delighted to provide more information at info@evolutionagents.com