Cosmetics below the radar

Cosmetics below the radar

Cosmetics below the radar

Feeling good is one of the top priorities of guests on a yacht, and that includes looking good too. This is another area where Evolution can help you to go the extra mile in looking after your guests by ensuring that your yacht is well-stocked with quality cosmetics and personal care products.

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Mónica works with our Interior department, which looks after details from personal care products and laundry to kitchen products, linen and stationery. She shares that some of the most popular cosmetics brands requested by guests are Jo Malone, Molton Brown and Lancaster.  Each brand has its specific characteristics and a loyal clientele that always specifically asks for them by name. The favoured brands tend to be internationally renowned, and have a good global distribution. Client requests can usually be anticipated as they tend to follow the latest trends of successful new products and well established favourites.

This is where our insider experience comes in handy, as the Evolution team know where to source all kinds of products, cosmetics included.  If they aren’t available, a good alternative is always suggested. Preferred boutiques include ECI in Palma, as well as Sephora and L’Occitane which can be found throughout Spain, and other local stores.

“We don’t tend to get unusual requests,” Mónica shares. “What surprises me, however, is the quantity and variety of cosmetics that guests ask for.” She shares that a recent cosmetics shopping list from a 52m superyacht in Ibiza totalled over 4,000€. Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin collection topped the list, with everything from shampoo and conditioner to body lotion and soap – 40 bars of it! The crew tend to organise their own cosmetics, if anything they’ll ask for sunscreen, she added.

Any detail that adds up to the comfort of the yacht’s guests and crew is of paramount importance, and the Interior team at Evolution are passionate about ensuring that whether the yacht has just docked in Spanish waters or is getting prepared for the onward journey, everyone on board is looking and feeling as good as they can be.