Creative hospitality with the crew out of the box.

Creative hospitality with the crew out of the box.

Creative hospitality with the crew out of the box.

Thinking outside the box is a creative response to many of the situations that can arise when working on a yacht. When the crew are dedicated to ensuring that their on-board guests have a truly unforgettable experience, the challenge of anticipating what will most delight them knows no limits!

It’s the small gestures that often have the most powerful effect. Feeling noticed and cared for can be expressed through attention to detail, such as wiping a guest’s sunglasses when they leave them on the side, folding up a discarded towel, or tidying up immediately after a guest leaves their cabin.

Capturing those special moments can also leave a guest with an exceptionally warm glow as they disembark at the end of their stay. This could include taking photos during the trip and giving them to guests on a memory stick as a gift, or creating a scrapbook with photos and mementos from their excursions. A postcard from a place visited? The label from a special bottle of wine, or ticket from a show? The imagination has no limits!

Knowing guests’ interests and finding ways to weave this into their experience is always appreciated. A themed evening could be a good idea, such as a Spanish meal with the Stewardess dressed in a flamenco outfit – followed by a surprise flamenco performance with professional musicians and dancers. Do your guests enjoy the music of Björk or Enya? Serenade them with their favourite song when they return back on board after a day onshore.

Adapting the local specialties to their particular tastes is another great way to spoil guests. What are the most delicious smoothies and cocktails that can be mixed up using fresh local ingredients? Time the right moment to offer these spontaneously to guests for maximum pleasure and surprise!

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When children are on board, there are plenty more opportunities for creating fun and camaraderie among all the guests. A birthday party is always a great excuse for doing something completely different. How about a pirate’s themed celebration with a treasure hunt? Or a Little Mermaid theme, with seaweed bunting decorated with shells?

At Evolution we are here to help your crew come up with the most exquisite surprises for guests on board, from supplying products that will delight to helping you to crew organise special events, theme parties and whatever else you can think of.. out of the box!