CREW Christmas events

CREW Christmas events

Christmas is looking very different this year but there is no need for it to be any less jolly! 

For crew spending the holiday season with us here in Spanish waters we have plenty festive options for you. 

Surround yourselves with sparkle and zazzle and order your tree, decorations, bells, balloons, garlands and glitter from us – we know all the secret santa spots for gifts and goodies too!

As every big gathering around the table this year is likely to happen in the crew mess, we can provide the turkey and all the trimmings, the christmas crackers and of course the bubbles, contact our provisioning department for savoury and sweet delights and indulge!

And to finish off the Christmas cheer, let us add some extra fun and jolliness to your celebrations with some onboard entertainment and activities.  Here are just some ideas….

  • WINTER WINE TASTING: Our wine specialist can load up his sleigh with some special festive wines and lead you through the history and processing as well of course as tasting!
  • MAGIC SHOW: Either onboard or via Zoom we can organize an amazing interactive show of mystery and wonder!
  • LIVE SPANISH FLAMENCO: not particularly known as a Christmas tradition but our wonderful dancers will liven up any event and are jolly all year around!
  • RACE NIGHT: hold your own Night at the Races – a virtual event onboard to get the adrenaline pumping and who doesn´t love a bit of healthy competition!

Talk to us also about any other request you may have, onboard workshops – renting games machines (pinball, air hockey, etc), live music & DJs and we will put our Christmas elves to work!

And of course Christmas is also about giving, so remember we are still taking donations for our Christmas Charity Drive. There are 2 ways you can contribute:

1.- CHRISTMAS CHARITY BOX: We have placed a big charity box where you can drop your donations next time you stop by our office. Every little counts!

2.- CHRISTMAS CHARITY VAN: For those able to be extra generous, our Christmas charity van is now available to collect your donations directly on board!

What can you donate? We are accepting essential-use items, such as clothing, hygiene products, non-perishable food, but also books or toys. Everything will be put to good use! Ask us for details.

For further information, more ideas and assistance please contact your Evolution office or send us an email to