Essential tips for having a TPA in Spain

Essential tips for having a TPA in Spain

TIPS  –  How to do your refit / works onboard VAT exempt?

If you are planning to undertake refit works, we can provide you, as authorized Customs Agents, an importation procedure for exemption that is called Inward Processing, in Spain “TPA”.

We can give you assistance in all the Ports no matter where you are berthed in Spain. Provide of all the assistance needed in order to proceed with VAT exemption and also all taxes affected to the repairs or to an improvement of the vessel, according to the law 2913/92 (CEE) inside EU, and in particular in Spain art. 24.1 of the VAT law.   

While you are under TPA, the boat is not using the temporary time frame allowed to non-EU vessels, so your 18 months period would be suspended as well.  We will be notifying your position to customs and you need to have in mind that you will need to notify customs if you want to change berth, do sea trials and as well declare the parts you want to move/dispose or sell.

Main and mandatory condition to close this TPA is that you must exit EU directly from your berth position after finalizing to a non-EU port for exportation of all the goods/repairs.

We know that the TPA procedure might be overwhelming and we understand the importance of having a reliable advisor who is able to guide you from the opening to the closure of the TPA for your vessel.

On this basis we are able to give you the answer to all the frequent concerns such as

  1. How much is this going to cost me?
  2. How long does it take to open a TPA?
  3. What kind of goods, works and services can be included in my vessel exemption?
  4. What are the advantages for the owner?
  5. What about if my plans change?

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