Evolution extends services in Gibraltar

Evolution extends services in Gibraltar

After a very challenging year we are very pleased to announce that Evolution Yacht Agents is now opening a new warehouse in Gibraltar, which is managed by our in-house Customs Department. 

With this new asset to our already existing services in the area we reinforce our position as leading yacht agency throughout Spanish territory thanks to our expertise and excellent operational know-how. 

The main objective of this added service will be to continue supporting our customers by offering fully comprehensive and professional services throughout the whole Iberian coast.

Its strategic location, on the threshold of the Atlantic Ocean and exit from the Mediterranean Sea, is without a doubt one of the reasons Gibraltar is a preferred yacht destination for both owners and crew, who often go there for clearance or after finishing their TPA process in Spain.

This new Logistics & Customs service could not arrive at a better time, as yachts will be counting on the assistance of a reliable agent to guide them through all changes incurred as BREXIT comes into force and the direct implications for yachting operational activities and logistics in Gibraltar.

Yachts heading to Gibraltar are able to benefit from its VAT free status, which translates into very competitive fueling operations, spares acquisitions, ship logistics, provisions and more.

Belén Martín, Founder and Executive Director at Evolution, states: “We are delighted to offer our existing client base and potential new clients supplementary support in Gibraltar. With so many of our clients passing through, we felt that it only made sense to extend our existing know-how to this area and find a way to offer our full range of yacht services from Concierge and Provisions to Customs and Logistics.” 

“Having our own warehouse there will allow us to strengthen the relationship with our customers and work even closer with them. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that guarantees our customers peace of mind, especially as the entry into force of Brexit approaches” says Bea Alonso, Founder and Managing Director at Evolution Yacht Agents.

For further information and assistance in Gibraltar please contact  our Gibraltar Operations team.

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