We are happy and proud to present the brand new campaign called #EVOSAVEDMYDAY.

This new campaign talks about the passion and ability of the Evolution team to help captains and crew when they are in trouble in Spanish waters.


We save the day for captains and crew, every day. This is our mission and why we exist. With the #EVOSAVEDMYDAY campaign we want to launch a key message that crew can identify with. Our main objective is to take on their/your problems as our own and help them/you find solutions”.

From the stressed chef with demanding guests and last minute requests, or the Chief Stewardess who is rushing to get the boat ready for owners at short notice; to the Chief Engineer who urgently needs someone to repair an issue with the main engine in order to leave the shipyard, this is where we can save the day.

The way to communicate this new campaign is through comic strips. The comic style is a dynamic and creative way to portray all these situations, and it is linked with the superhero universe. Furthermore, it helps to promote our team as the main value of the company, because they are actually the strength of Evolution. Each story stars one of the “Evos”, depending of the service highlighted: Provisioning, Concierge, Spares, Interior, Logistics or Customs.

After more than 5 years in operation, our team has built up a huge amount of expertise having faced countless difficult and stressful situations for captains and crew. All the scenarios presented in the comic strips are based on true stories, and many of their clients will be able to identify with those situations.

With our brand new #EVOSAVEDMYDAY campaign our commitment is save those risky situations, because thanks to our dedication and our capabilities we make any mission possible, turning an anxious situation into a resolved situation.

Because we simply love our job.  Because we are here to save your day.

Visit www.evosavedmyday.com for further information.