Kubdu Biltong – The 1st premium veal snack to enjoy on board

Kubdu Biltong – The 1st premium veal snack to enjoy on board


We are excited to introduce to you Kubdu Biltong products – gourmet, tasty meat snacks, perfectly made to enjoy onboard.

Kubdu Biltong is made of fresh, premium silverside veal, raised in farms in the Spanish Pyrenees, cut, marinated in Modena vinegar and finished with original South African spices. Dried, finely sliced and packed gently in a controlled environment.

There are two delicious flavors:

  • ORIGINAL with spices such as coriander and black pepper
  • SPICY with a slight touch of chili and three different types of paprika.

And three different formats:

  • 40gr triple-layer bag vacuum packed.
  • For catering and food service, the most suitable format is a 400gr bag vacuum packed
  • And a whole piece (250-350 grs.) for even fresher cuts and your own preferred thickness.



The product is manufactured with great care and attention, using only top prime veal, very best quality raw materials, and a specialized processing technique – there might be other biltongs but none as gourmet as Kubdu Biltong.

Here is a summary of top features:

· Tasty: it has a unique and addictive taste.

· Healthy:  pure high quality protein, only 3% fat and less than 1% sugar. Natural source of iron and vitamins B.

· Perfect matching with fine wines, champagnes, cocktails and beer.

· Ideal as a snack or on salads and can be used for cooking in general.

· Distinctive, sophisticated and unique.

· Healthy substitute for other, ¨not so healthy¨ snacks!

· Product good as long as the package remains sealed due to the fact that it is a dry product. Recommended consumption is within 4-5 months of purchase. No need to be refrigerated, just store in a cool, dry place.

· Presented with the ITQI (International Taste & Quality Institute) award by international chefs and sommeliers due to its SUPERIOR TASTE.

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