EVOLUTION is still here to stay

Same team, same spirit, same dedication to service, stronger than ever.

Evolution Yacht Agents is and remains the leading yacht agent in Spain, here to serve our clients and continue with our legacy in Spanish waters and beyond. Our brand is stronger than ever, and our team is more ambitious than ever! 

Evolution was born more than 10 years ago in the Balearics and Barcelona, conceived by the company directors Beatriz Alonso and Belen Martin who continue to lead the growing EvoFamily with their passion and dedication to our clients. 

Evolution offers a full range of services 24/7 in all Spanish ports as well as in Portugal and Gibraltar:


Evolution is the only company in Spain offering all these services in-house as a licensed agent and service provider.  Using Evolution guarantees that your vessel is in the safest hands possible.

We have a lot of plans for the near future but for now we believe it is time to take care of our home, Spain as we have done so far, under the unique EVOLUTION brand as an independent business.– Bea Alonso, CEO & Managing Partner

Evolution is a unique lifestyle…there is no other way for it to be. It is with a great deal of pride that we see all the clients and team at Evolution living the lifestyle, and enjoying it, over the past 10 years of history of the Company. And we wish to keep the same feeling in the future .– Belén Martín, Managing Partner

We have built our company and our reputation thanks to our hard-working team of professionals, always by your side. We are proud to return to our origins and regain our brand so that we may continue to pave our own path as we always have, for an independent future bigger and brighter than ever.  Please join us for the ride!


EvoNews – COVID restrictions in Spain

The Spanish government and the autonomous regions are reviewing their COVID restrictions for movement of people, social activity and business operations every 14 days, so please see a summary of the most relevant points for crew as of today, Friday 12th March:

General Restrictions: 

  • Curfew from 22:00 to 06:00 hrs
  • People meetings limited to 6 persons, inside houses and in bar/restaurant terraces, unless cohabitants. Limited to 4 persons inside restaurants/bars.
  • Individual sport activities permitted. Face mask compulsory when interpersonal distance cannot be guarantee.
  • Businesses in general opened till 21:30 hrs. Working time can be extended if the activity requires so.
  • Restaurants opened till 21:30 hrs. Take away from 20:30 to 22:30 hrs
  • Movement only within the province unless justified by working reasons. A Company´s certificate for worker´s mobility is required and must be carried by the worker
  • Supermarkets, food stores, bakeries open 21:30 hrs
  • Andalusia is closed, entry and exit from the Autonomous Community is only allowed for justified purposes, not tourism.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
No special restrictions for the arrival of yachts, as long as no COVID-19 cases onboard over last 14 days. Crew changes are allowed.

General restrictions:

  • Curfew from 22:00h to 06:00h
  • Movement only within the province unless justified by working reasons. A Company´s certificate for worker´s mobility is required and must be carried by the worker
  • People meetings limited to 6 persons, inside houses and in bar/restaurant terraces, unless cohabitants. Limited to 4 persons inside restaurants/bars.
  • Businesses in general opened till 21:30 hrs. Working time can be extended if the activity requires so.
  • Restaurants opened till 21:30 hrs. Take away from 20:30 to 22:30 hrs
  • Andalusia is closed, entry and exit from the Autonomous Community is only allowed for justified purposes, not tourism.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
Yachts arriving from Spanish Ports do not have any type of restrictions, and can arrive freely. If coming from a foreign Port, negative PCR results for the whole crew will be required 48h before arrival, or well be quarantined upon arrival and test done. Crew movements permitted.

General restrictions:
Balearic Islands, with the exception of Ibiza and Formentera, which are closed until the 15th March (confirmed its opening to tourism from this date), are accepting travellers from EU Countries and from Mainland Spain, always providing negative PCR test done within 72h before arrival and filling in a online Health Form.

  • Curfew from 22:00h to 06:00h.
  • People meetings limited to 6 people, from 2 different households.
  • Restaurants open until 17:00h, in Mallorca and Menorca only terraces with a maximum occupation of 50% and interior 30% from Monday 15th. Maximum 4 people per table. In Ibiza, opening from Monday 15th of terraces with a max of 4 people per table.
  • Small businesses (less than700sqm) open until 20:00h, with a 75% max capacity.
  • Department Stores and shopping malls (over 700sqm) open only from Monday to Saturday until 20:00h.
  • Gyms open with a 30% max capacity.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
Yachts can arrive with no problem with professional crew onboard from any port, but if coming from a risk area, negative PCR test with less than 72h before arrival is required by Authorities. For arrival with guests onboard, it would depend on the nationality of the guests as well of last Port of Call, which may be studied in each case.

Crew movements are allowed and crew can fly in and out from Palma to embark or disembark their vessels.

General restrictions:

  • Tenerife is open and accepting tourists. Anyone flying into Canary Islands must carry a negative PCR test done with less than 72h before arrival. Lanzarote is closed, and people can only enter or exit the island for justified reasons.
  • Curfew from 23:00h to 06:00h in all Islands excepting Lanzarote, which is from 22:00h to 06:00h.
  • Bars and restaurants are fully open in exteriors, and open with a 50% limitation in interiors. Maximum 4 people per table in interior and 6 in terraces.
  • Businesses are open with capacity limitations.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
Ports are open and yachts can keep arriving with no problem with crew onboard, and if arriving with passengers must be studied case per case, based on passengers nationality and last port of call.

General restrictions:

  • Curfew from 22:00h to 06:00h.
  • Social meetings limited to 4 people.
  • Closure of the Murcia Region. Entry or exit is only allowed for justified reasons. Movement inside the region is permitted.
  • Bars and restaurants open with 30% limitation in terraces and interiors.
  • Businesses working with limitations and health measures.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
Yachts can arrive and crew movements are permitted. Negative PCR tests are not required for arrival, but crew members cannot move from the vessel.

General Restrictions (valid from 15 March until 28 March 2021):

  • Curfew from 22:00 to 06:00 hrs
  • Gatherings limited to 6 persons who can be from up to two ¨bubbles¨, in public and private spaces, unless cohabitants.
  • Gyms may open interior spaces to capacity of 30% and those with outdoor facilities may open with up to 50% capacity with masks to be worn at all times.  Outdoor sports activities are permitted for groups up to 6 people.
  • Bars and restaurants may open and use their outside terrace areas to full capacity and interior spaces up to 30% capacity– with a maximum  of 4 people per table and only during the hours 07h30-17h00.  Take-out and delivery services available 19h until 22h.
  • All stores up to 800m2 may open with a capacity of up to 30% during the week and weekends. Stores over 800m2 remain closed.
  • The region’s border closure remains in place but there is not restriction of movement within Catalonia as long as travel is only with people from your ¨bubble¨.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
No special restrictions for the arrival of yachts, as long as no COVID-19 cases or symptoms onboard during the 14 days prior to arrival in port (Maritime Declaration of Health must be submitted 24 hours prior to arrival). Crew changes are allowed.

General restrictions:

  • Curfew from 22:00h to 06:00h.
  • Some areas closed depending on risk level, being only able to enter or exit for justified purposes.
  • Social meetings are limited to people living in the same household, or to a maximum of  4 people if not living in the same household.
  • Bars and restaurants can only open terraces with a 50% capacity limitation and interior up to 30%, until 18:00h.

Yacht arrivals:
Galician Ports are open, and yachts can arrive with no problem. Crew movements are allowed, but in the case of passengers Authorities are studying the different situations on a case-by-case basis.

General Restrictions (valid from 15 March until 12 April 2021):

  • Curfew from 22h until 06h
  • Social gatherings in public spaces are limited to 4 people; in private houses they are limited to cohabitants only.
  • Sport can be practised in open-air installations, in groups up to 4 people and interior sports facilities including swimming pools may open to 30% capacity.
  • Bars and restaurants may to open and use their outside terraces to 100% capcity and inside areas to 30% capacity until 18h – with a maximum of 4 people per table.
  • Food shops, pharmacies and other essential stores can open until 20h.
  • The region’s border closure remains in place.

Yacht and crew restrictions:
No special restrictions for the arrival of yachts, as long as no COVID-19 cases or symptoms onboard during the 14 days prior to arrival in port.  Crew changes are allowed.

Evolution partners up with SABOR Provisions

We are very excited to announce that EVOLUTION´s Provisioning department is partnering up and joining forces with SABOR PROVISIONS, a very well-established provisioning company in the superyacht industry. This partnership is the result of a natural growth between both companies, wanting to combine Evolution´s extensive network of contacts and logistics know-how with Sabor´s experience in the provisioning field and world-class produce.

Our main objective together will be providing an outstanding standard of service to our customers regardless of their location and stablishing our position as leader both in SPAIN and GIBRALTAR. Evolution´s proximity and expertise on the “customs´ difficulties” in Gibraltar added to the quality of service from Sabor and Evo Provisions will guarantee the success of the service, allowing us to become the only specialized provisioning company in the area.

This project will be led by Paul Healy, Manager at Sabor Provisions, Colin Clark, our Head of Provisions and Mónica López, Head of Interior at Evolution. All of them have a good record and 15 years of experience assisting both crew and guest orders and are very aware of the importance of helping their clients understanding their needs and their rush in stressful situations. Being also based in Spain, one of the world´s gastronomic leaders today, will guarantee to all our clients the variety, quality and good value of the final produce.

“The moment to join forces has arrived for EVOLUTION and SABOR PROVISIONS and we are very much looking forward to satisfying all our clients by delivering the right product at the right moment and at the right price, no matter where they are” states Colin Clark.

Place your order at provisions@evolutionagents.com

Why should a superyacht choose Valencia?

Valencia, one of the most dynamic cities in Spain, is a recommended visit when in Mediterranean waters.

The city is perfectly connected, with most of its gastronomic offer, cultural sites and international airport located only 20min from the main marinas, making it a perfect destination for both yacht crew and guests.


Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, offers a great variety of cultural treasures, world-class restaurants, stunning beaches and plenty of entertainment.

The historic center of this Mediterranean metropolis will take your breath away, with buildings such as the Central Market, one of the most beautiful markets in Europe, and the Torres de Serrano where you can take in a panoramic view of the city. Another must-see is the City of Arts and Sciences, the world-famous cultural leisure complex designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

In addition, Valencia is best known for being the birthplace of delicious Paella and tasty Valencian horchata – a popular drink made of chufas, which are tiger nuts. Make sure you don’t leave the city without enjoying both things by the beach!


Valencia’s main marinas are located only 20 minutes by road from the international airport, city center and all gastronomic, sports, cultural and historical offerings, making this city a perfect yacht destination for both crew and guests.

Due to its strategic location, many yachts decide to choose Valencia as a winter base or standby port prior to departing for other destinations such as Palma, Ibiza or Gibraltar. This is usually a very cost-efficient option considering the city’s competitive berthing rates and low utility fees in comparison to other European Ports.

Valencia Mar

This marina is in a quiet, private and well-protected area of the city’s main port, offering round the clock access and security. It offers 18 berths for yachts over 60m and up to 120m.

All superyacht berths here are either on floating pontoons or fixed concrete, providing a lot of ease and safety in the berthing maneuvers.

Valencia Mar is located in a privileged environment, near the Natural Park of El Saler, a few meters away from the beach, 10 minutes from the city and 20 minutes from the International Airport of Manises. They offer a very wide range of activities for the crew’s interest, such as paddle surf, scuba diving and even summer concerts with a view at their cozy terrace, called “La Barraquita”.

La Marina de València

Located next to the promenade of the Cabañal Beach, La Marina de València has become an emerging socio-cultural highlight in the city. Culture coexists with sports, tourism and gastronomy, in a waterfront complex that is already established as a district of innovation.

Among other facilities, this marina offers two docks: The Outer Dock and The Inner Dock, with more than 900 moorings and first-class facilities, able to accommodate yachts from 8 to 150 m.

Varadero Valencia Shipyard

Varadero Valencia is conveniently located in the Real Club Nautico de Valencia, just 15 minutes from the high-speed train station (AVE) and the international airport, and only 5 km away from the city center by public transportation or bicycle. This shipyard offers a team of highly qualified specialists and a comprehensive range of services for the repair and maintenance of yachts, in a facility of 28,000m² outdoors and a 400m² covered warehouse with room for yachts up to 45m.

All in all, Valencia is the perfect combination of the traditional and modern side of Spain, offering everything a yacht could need for its crew and guests on board.


Evolution’s office in Valencia is led by Cristina, Valencian native who has previously worked as a purser on board superyachts. She is an expert in all the current yachting and COVID-related regulations affecting this area and not only provides assistance in Valencia, but also in Alicante and Denia.

She knows the region inside out, and over the years has managed to build a wide and solid network of contacts making sure you’re in the best hands when visiting this area in the Mediterranean coast.

Evolution can also open and manage TPAs in the Valencia area and guide crew, management and contractors through the whole process so that yachts can benefit from this tax regime exempt of VAT charges on repairs and maintenance.

If you are interested in finding out more on any of the above information and more, please contact Cristina at valencia@evolutionagents.com.

Post BREXIT yacht logistics between EU and UK.

Since the 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union and this not only affects the movement of people, but also the movement of goods.  We therefore would like to clarify the following points concerning the purchasing and transportation of goods/merchandise between the EU and the UK:

  • The UK is now referred to as a ¨third country¨ situated outside of the EU.
  • From now on, all goods traveling between the EU and the UK will be subject to Customs controls and payment of VAT, duties and possible inspections by customs authorities, meaning that all shipments required a commercial invoice detailing the contents, value and HS code (an international customs code).
  • For items being returned for repair, whether under warranty or not, in order to avoid paying taxes on the value of new goods we must request a temporary exportation procedure for the purpose of repair.

Instructions for goods with preferential UK/EU origin which are exempt from duties

Following the TCA (Trade & Cooperation Agreement) established on 24th December 2020 regarding rules for preferential origin, goods may be imported and exported to and from the European Union and remain exempt from the payment of duties if these goods originate in the UK or the EU.

In these cases the commercial invoice should be accompanied by a declaration including a detailed description of the goods as well as place, date, name and signature of the shipper.  If the preferential origin is not declared in the commercial invoice the merchandise may be held by Customs and it may be necessary to contact the recipient in order to obtain the proof of origin (a Certificate of Origin or commercial invoice for the goods, stamped by the Chamber of Commerce in the UK or in the EU respectively, may be required).  If the proof of origin is not provided, duties according to the standard rates will be applied.

Contact our Customs and Logistics Departments for guidance and assistance

Tel. (+34) 971 400 200


Clara Morón – Head of Logistics Dept. at Evolution