Secret mooring spots in Ibiza & Formentera

Secret mooring spots in Ibiza & Formentera

Secret mooring spots in Ibiza & Formentera

The islands of Ibiza and Formentera are surrounded by picturesque coves and beaches. If you are exploring the Balearics this summer and planning to moor along the coastline, contact us for advice regarding the restrictions that protect these areas of natural beauty.

Anchoring is permitted around the islands in locations that are not protected marine reserves, natural parks and Posidonia sea grass areas. A communication from the Port Authority regarding reserved anchoring areas also specifies that yachts are not allowed to anchor inside delimited Fondeadero “A”, Zona II canal entrada and Fondeadero “B” Zona II areas, but may anchor outside. We highly recommend that you contact Evolution to ensure you are anchoring properly.

In this post we reveal some of our favourite secret mooring spots, and we also look forward to sharing more great tips with you.



This tall rock just 2 km off the coast is now one of the most mysterious locations around the White Isle. Its unusual magnetism confuses navigational instruments in the vicinity and related legends stretch from Atlantis to the nymphs of Homer’s Odyssey and UFO sightings. If you are visiting Ibiza, don’t miss this magical spot.

GPS: 38º52’37” N    1º12’52”E


Located in the north of the island, this is probably one of its most pristine coves as it can only be accessed by sea. The surrounding mountains create a natural shelter where you can enjoy the stunning views of the island of Tagomago and the Torre d’en Valls tower, built in the 18th century.

GPS: 39º01’45.41” N    1º37’09.32”E


This incredible hidden cove is located between the cliffs at 12 kilometres from Sant Joan de Labritja.  The old fishermen’s dry docks that can be found on the island resonate with the soul of the Mediterranean. The surrounding natural vegetation, crystal-clear water and the low degree of occupancy make it one of the most special corners of Ibiza.

GPS: 39º04’39.97” N    1º23’55.95”E



This astonishing cove sparkles with totally crystalline waters and fine white sand. It is located in the area of Cap Alt, a natural area of special interest. Its privileged situation between cliffs, surrounding vegetation and its Western orientation makes this an incredible sunset spot.

GPS: 38º41’40” N    1º23’06” E


This small unspoilt cove is one of the most paradisiacal places on the island. Located 10 kilometres from Sant Francesc Xavier, it is part of the large bay of Migjorn. Enjoy the essence of Formentera surrounded by its intense turquoise blue water and peaceful ambience.

GPS: 38º39’32” N    1º30’52” E

Regarding the anchorage in Ibiza, and in order to simplify, we want to let you know that you are allowed to proceed with the anchorage all around the island following the nautical charts and avoiding:

  • Marine Reserves
  • Natural Parks
  • Porth Authority Reserved Anchoring Areas (please see port authority’s reserved anchoring areas file attached for your best info. Yachts are NOT allowed to anchor inside delimited Fondeadero “A”, ZONA II Canal entrada and ZONA II Fondeadero “B” areas, but yes outside of them)
  • Segrass Areas (for your info Segrass / Posidonia do not leave up to 40 meters depth

We highly recommend to contact Evolution to make sure that you are anchoring properly.