Why should a superyacht choose Valencia?

Valencia, one of the most dynamic cities in Spain, is a recommended visit when in Mediterranean waters.

The city is perfectly connected, with most of its gastronomic offer, cultural sites and international airport located only 20min from the main marinas, making it a perfect destination for both yacht crew and guests.


Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, offers a great variety of cultural treasures, world-class restaurants, stunning beaches and plenty of entertainment.

The historic center of this Mediterranean metropolis will take your breath away, with buildings such as the Central Market, one of the most beautiful markets in Europe, and the Torres de Serrano where you can take in a panoramic view of the city. Another must-see is the City of Arts and Sciences, the world-famous cultural leisure complex designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

In addition, Valencia is best known for being the birthplace of delicious Paella and tasty Valencian horchata – a popular drink made of chufas, which are tiger nuts. Make sure you don’t leave the city without enjoying both things by the beach!


Valencia’s main marinas are located only 20 minutes by road from the international airport, city center and all gastronomic, sports, cultural and historical offerings, making this city a perfect yacht destination for both crew and guests.

Due to its strategic location, many yachts decide to choose Valencia as a winter base or standby port prior to departing for other destinations such as Palma, Ibiza or Gibraltar. This is usually a very cost-efficient option considering the city’s competitive berthing rates and low utility fees in comparison to other European Ports.

Valencia Mar

This marina is in a quiet, private and well-protected area of the city’s main port, offering round the clock access and security. It offers 18 berths for yachts over 60m and up to 120m.

All superyacht berths here are either on floating pontoons or fixed concrete, providing a lot of ease and safety in the berthing maneuvers.

Valencia Mar is located in a privileged environment, near the Natural Park of El Saler, a few meters away from the beach, 10 minutes from the city and 20 minutes from the International Airport of Manises. They offer a very wide range of activities for the crew’s interest, such as paddle surf, scuba diving and even summer concerts with a view at their cozy terrace, called “La Barraquita”.

La Marina de València

Located next to the promenade of the Cabañal Beach, La Marina de València has become an emerging socio-cultural highlight in the city. Culture coexists with sports, tourism and gastronomy, in a waterfront complex that is already established as a district of innovation.

Among other facilities, this marina offers two docks: The Outer Dock and The Inner Dock, with more than 900 moorings and first-class facilities, able to accommodate yachts from 8 to 150 m.

Varadero Valencia Shipyard

Varadero Valencia is conveniently located in the Real Club Nautico de Valencia, just 15 minutes from the high-speed train station (AVE) and the international airport, and only 5 km away from the city center by public transportation or bicycle. This shipyard offers a team of highly qualified specialists and a comprehensive range of services for the repair and maintenance of yachts, in a facility of 28,000m² outdoors and a 400m² covered warehouse with room for yachts up to 45m.

All in all, Valencia is the perfect combination of the traditional and modern side of Spain, offering everything a yacht could need for its crew and guests on board.


Evolution’s office in Valencia is led by Cristina, Valencian native who has previously worked as a purser on board superyachts. She is an expert in all the current yachting and COVID-related regulations affecting this area and not only provides assistance in Valencia, but also in Alicante and Denia.

She knows the region inside out, and over the years has managed to build a wide and solid network of contacts making sure you’re in the best hands when visiting this area in the Mediterranean coast.

Evolution can also open and manage TPAs in the Valencia area and guide crew, management and contractors through the whole process so that yachts can benefit from this tax regime exempt of VAT charges on repairs and maintenance.

If you are interested in finding out more on any of the above information and more, please contact Cristina at valencia@evolutionagents.com.

Giving back for Christmas: Ocean-friendly gestures

Why not take advantage of the Christmas Spirit and consider implementing new habits in your routine as a way to give back to the ocean? After all, we must thank the sea for keeping us alive, safe, paid and fed, hence it seems only fair that it benefits from the season of goodwill as well.

Here are a few effortless lifestyle choices that can help protect and restore our oceans for future generations:


Say no to single use plastics such as straws, plastic cutlery, coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags, balloons, plastic-wrapped produce, and take-out food containers. These often end up in the marine environment and never go away!

Glass, silicone, or stainless-steel containers are a good alternative to plastic and much more sustainable, as these can be re-used many times.


There are many products in the market directly linked to causing harm to endangered marine species, as well as supporting unsustainable fishing methods and pollution.

For instance, cosmetic products containing shark squalene, as well as jewelry made of coral should be avoided at all costs, as these imply a threat to important marine species and ecosystems.


Though this might seem odd, chewing gum is actually made of a synthetic rubber that’s plastic, and it’s classified as the world’s second most common form of litter after cigarette butts.

Conventional gum is not biodegradable; therefore, many fish end up consuming littered gum involuntarily, which accumulates toxins overtime. These are then reintroduced into the food chain when we eat the fish.


Selecting the right cleaning products can be a tricky matter, as companies are allowed to stick the words biodegradable, natural and green on pretty much anything.

Here’s a tip that can help: Look for Phosphates on the label.

One might think phosphates are good because they help support and grow algae, but too much of it causes algae to grow too fast and the ecosystem cannot handle it, causing marine life to go out of balance and leading to species decline.

Evolution can supply organic and environmentally cleaning products and we are also able to source more ocean-friendly products.


All life on Earth is connected to the ocean and its inhabitants. The more you learn about its issues, the more you’ll realize that it is time to make a change in your lifestyle in order to help preserve the ocean. Make sure you share that knowledge to educate and inspire others to pitch in.

Saving the oceans might feel like an overwhelming task, but if we all pitch in, every little gesture can make a huge positive impact.

Latest NEWS: Protocol for seafarers arrivals to Spain

Following last week´s latest announcement about the new requirement from Spanish Authorities for travellers coming to Spain by air or sea to present a negative PCR test result if coming from risk areas (listed below) starting today 23rd November, we are now able to confirm as follows:

Seafarers are EXEMPT from presenting a PCR test result when travelling to Spain for the purpose of joining a vessel on the condition they can prove their seafarer status and embarkation on a vessel moored in a Spanish port.

After several checks with Health Authorities, who were waiting further instructions from Health Ministry, we have received final official confirmation today about this exemption. In order to prove their seafarer status, it is not specified what documents the crew member must carry, but from our recent experience and in accordance with the travel documentation required during the State of Alarm, we highly recommend that the following documents be ready to present:

  • Passport.
  • Seaman’s Discharge Book and SEA.
  • Letter from Captain indicating crew and vessel details, port of embarkation and date of embarkation.
  • Crew list and Copy of Ship’s Registry.
  • Agent Letter corroborating vessel location and crewmember status in Spanish.

As a very important note, please be informed that even if PCR test is not compulsory, crew members must fill the FCS (Health Control Form), to be presented before embarking and/or once arrival to a Spanish Airport,  www.spth.gob.es  and Spanish Health Authorities may decide that extra controls are required, if:

  • After reviewing the FCS Form they consider further examination is necessary.
  • When they pass by the temperature check, it appears to be 37,5ºC or higher.
  • After visual inspection the crew member may seem ill and Health Authorities consider that it is necessary to do an extra check.

Kindly see below the countries listed as “risk areas”, for your best information:

Countries and territories in the EU/EEA:
Austria – Belgium – Bulgaria – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland) – Estonia – France – Germany – Greece (except the regions of Kitri, Ionia Nisia, Dytiki Ellada and Sterea Ellada) – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – The Netherlands – Norway (except the regions of Rogaland, Møre og Romsdal, Nordland, Viken, Innlandet, Vestfold og Telemark, Agder, Vestland, Trøndelag and Troms og Finnmark) – Poland – Portugal (except the Azores) – Romania – Slovakia – Slovenia – Sweden

Countries outside the EU/EEA:
Albania – Andorra – Argentina – Armenia – Aruba – Bahrain – Belize – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Cape Verde – Colombia – Costa Rica – French Polynesia (France) – Georgia – Gibraltar (UK) – Guam – Jordan – Kuwait – Lebanon – Libya – Moldova – Monaco – Montenegro – Morocco – North Macedonia – Palestine – Panama – Puerto Rico – Russian Federation – San Marino – Saint Martin – Serbia – Switzerland – Tunisia – Ukraine – United Arab Emirates – United Kingdom – United States of America

Kindly note that this list is to be revised every 15 days, and entering into force 7 days after the revision to allow enough time for protocols to update.

For your better reference, download  below a document we have prepared with full information and procedures to follow for the arrival into Spain of crew and guests/contractors via air or sea (ferry).
In regards yacht arrivals, as procedures may change depending of the port, please be so kind to contact your local Evolution Office for further information or send us an email at info@evolutionagents.com.

Download the Seafarer and General Travelers Arrivals Protocol in Spain. COVID-19

Stocking up for the winter season

At this time of year, we know most of our clients are busy getting ready for the Caribbean season.  Tying up loose ends from the summer whilst finishing a maintenance period and preparing for the winter is a hectic time, often with crew on leave or managing changeovers, which is why they seek a helping hand with their most time-consuming errands, such as provisioning and restocking.

Picture going to the local market and hand-picking the freshest and finest products, from the highest quality meat to ecologically grown fruits and vegetables, then having it delivered in a timely manner, all without leaving your boat.  That is what we do.

Or imagine the time and energy spent maneuvering four trolleys down the supermarket isle loaded with bulky or heavy items such as laundry detergent, paper towel, and cans of coke.  Why not utilize your resources to be productive in other ways and let Evolution take care of this with our local wholesale suppliers and deliver everything to the dock?

Thanks to our expertise in yacht services and understanding of your needs we pride ourselves on our proven ability to exceed our customer’s expectations, in quality and price and efficiency.

Discover why our team is your best onshore partner:

  • Save time. Centralize your requests

Whether it is a drinks order for the crew, dry goods for the Galley, a laundry restock or guest toiletries, you name it! Our wide range of in-house resources allows us to provide a fast, reliable, and unique provisioning service.

  • Optimize your storage

We are experts in finding the most space-efficient formats available, knowing that making room for provisions onboard can be quite challenging. We can supply wholesale formats on request, only available through our selected suppliers.

  • Top quality meat supplies

Whether it is a quick stock up for the crew, or a gourmet order for your guest trips, our provisions team members are experts in sourcing the highest quality meat from local suppliers. Get a range of high-quality cuts, from ground beef to filet mignon, at a price you will be happy with.

  • Eat smart

We supply a wide selection of organic and vegan products for those interested in eco-friendly, sustainable options.

  • The most exclusive supplies at your fingertips

Needing a restock? We work hand in hand with the most prestigious interior brands, such as Bvlgari, Molton Brown, Jo Malone and many others. Feel free to place your quote request.

E-mail us your shopping lists and request further information – info@evolutionagents.com

Halloween during COVID-19: balancing safe with scary!

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, what happens at Halloween?  Here at Evolution it is one of our favourite celebrations but we won´t be holding our usual crew party this year. 

The question is: how to celebrate Halloween and stay safe within the local restrictions? We think it’s time to create new traditions on board to keep the SPIRIT and the SPOOKS alive!!


For those of us who were looking forward to hosting an amazing Halloween party, let us not be discouraged!  We have you covered with some great party planning tips to have the best Halloween celebration yet, all the while safely sheltered on board:

  • Work the isolation factor into your theme – a zombie outbreak, with everyone hiding somewhere to survive. Or take your party to outer space and pretend everyone is in their own spaceship, trying to avoid an alien threat. What is more scary than being alone and not knowing what lurks under the bed or in the shadows?!
  • Have all the crew, friends, or family dress up to match the theme and host an online costume contest with a virtual prize (like a gift card) for the winner.  Don´t forget that facemasks can be worked very easily into your costume with a bit of creative thinking, see these images to get you started!
  • Plan a menu and ask everyone to prepare the same snack or beverage to enjoy together (while apart).

Why not add an extra dimension to your virtual and/or distanced party – Rodney James Piper is a magician who will be hosting his brand-new show live from Salou, Spain and you can join him via the ZOOM App. The show will last just over 35 minutes and is expected to be filled with laughter, suspense, amazement, and surprise.

Private shows also a available, contact tarragona@evolutionagents.com for more information.


Everybody on board is set for the virtual party and the only thing left to figure out is: What will everyone be drinking?

Let us help with two of our favorite 2020 Halloween-inspired cocktail recipes (by Town & Country):

OTTO’S 1923


1 oz Johnnie Walker Black Label
.5 oz Kahlua
.25 oz Cynar
1 spoon peanut butter
1 Butterfinger bar


Dry shake all ingredients first, then shake with ice and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with Butterfinger crumbles, and half Butterfinger stick.



1.5 oz Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
.25 oz sage simple syrup*
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 capsule activated charcoal
Lemon wedge


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


Since trick or treating is not an option this year, how about setting up a scavenger hunt on board? Along with providing a safe alternative to traditional Halloween activities, scavenger hunts are entertaining and very engaging. It does require a little preparation, but it can be socially distanced and adds some mystery and guesswork to your event.

  • Hide Halloween-themed items around the yacht and set your crew off try to find the hidden items either on their own or in socially distancing pairs or teams.
  • Map out the clues to where you hid the items. All teams will get the same list of Halloween items to search for throughout the yacht. If you want to make it a competition, see which team can find them first (and take a photo for proof). The winner team gets a prize.
  • In order to keep contact to a minimum, send out instructions (but not the list of items) to all crew members ahead of time, so you don’t need to gather everyone together closely to go over rules.
  • On the day of the hunt, we suggest delegating one single person to distribute the lists and pens and don´t forget that ghosts and ghouls and witches and weirdos still have a responsibility to wash their hands!

These are just some ideas to show that HALLOWEEN isn´t scared of COVID!!!  Share your costumes, games and parties with us, we would love to know how you end up celebrating! 

Contact your Evolution Yacht Agents office to get more creative ideas and to meet all your needs to organize your Halloween event onboard.