Evolution partners up with SABOR Provisions

We are very excited to announce that EVOLUTION´s Provisioning department is partnering up and joining forces with SABOR PROVISIONS, a very well-established provisioning company in the superyacht industry. This partnership is the result of a natural growth between both companies, wanting to combine Evolution´s extensive network of contacts and logistics know-how with Sabor´s experience in the provisioning field and world-class produce.

Our main objective together will be providing an outstanding standard of service to our customers regardless of their location and stablishing our position as leader both in SPAIN and GIBRALTAR. Evolution´s proximity and expertise on the “customs´ difficulties” in Gibraltar added to the quality of service from Sabor and Evo Provisions will guarantee the success of the service, allowing us to become the only specialized provisioning company in the area.

This project will be led by Paul Healy, Manager at Sabor Provisions, Colin Clark, our Head of Provisions and Mónica López, Head of Interior at Evolution. All of them have a good record and 15 years of experience assisting both crew and guest orders and are very aware of the importance of helping their clients understanding their needs and their rush in stressful situations. Being also based in Spain, one of the world´s gastronomic leaders today, will guarantee to all our clients the variety, quality and good value of the final produce.

“The moment to join forces has arrived for EVOLUTION and SABOR PROVISIONS and we are very much looking forward to satisfying all our clients by delivering the right product at the right moment and at the right price, no matter where they are” states Colin Clark.

Place your order at provisions@evolutionagents.com

Stocking up for the winter season

At this time of year, we know most of our clients are busy getting ready for the Caribbean season.  Tying up loose ends from the summer whilst finishing a maintenance period and preparing for the winter is a hectic time, often with crew on leave or managing changeovers, which is why they seek a helping hand with their most time-consuming errands, such as provisioning and restocking.

Picture going to the local market and hand-picking the freshest and finest products, from the highest quality meat to ecologically grown fruits and vegetables, then having it delivered in a timely manner, all without leaving your boat.  That is what we do.

Or imagine the time and energy spent maneuvering four trolleys down the supermarket isle loaded with bulky or heavy items such as laundry detergent, paper towel, and cans of coke.  Why not utilize your resources to be productive in other ways and let Evolution take care of this with our local wholesale suppliers and deliver everything to the dock?

Thanks to our expertise in yacht services and understanding of your needs we pride ourselves on our proven ability to exceed our customer’s expectations, in quality and price and efficiency.

Discover why our team is your best onshore partner:

  • Save time. Centralize your requests

Whether it is a drinks order for the crew, dry goods for the Galley, a laundry restock or guest toiletries, you name it! Our wide range of in-house resources allows us to provide a fast, reliable, and unique provisioning service.

  • Optimize your storage

We are experts in finding the most space-efficient formats available, knowing that making room for provisions onboard can be quite challenging. We can supply wholesale formats on request, only available through our selected suppliers.

  • Top quality meat supplies

Whether it is a quick stock up for the crew, or a gourmet order for your guest trips, our provisions team members are experts in sourcing the highest quality meat from local suppliers. Get a range of high-quality cuts, from ground beef to filet mignon, at a price you will be happy with.

  • Eat smart

We supply a wide selection of organic and vegan products for those interested in eco-friendly, sustainable options.

  • The most exclusive supplies at your fingertips

Needing a restock? We work hand in hand with the most prestigious interior brands, such as Bvlgari, Molton Brown, Jo Malone and many others. Feel free to place your quote request.

E-mail us your shopping lists and request further information – info@evolutionagents.com

How is Michelin Star gastronomy awarded?

How is Michelin Star gastronomy awarded?
Guests on a luxury yacht look forward to optimal experiences when they arrive in Spain, and this includes its authentic quality gastronomy. Evolution’s “Kitchens of Spain” offers the opportunity to invite chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants on board to prepare exquisite local dishes for all to enjoy. The Michelin Guide is renowned as the international reference for establishments with the finest cuisine, but do you know the procedure that restaurants have to successfully pass to obtain this prized badge of gastronomic recognition?

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