Effective solutions for crew and captain’s storage and transportation.

Effective solutions for crew and captain’s storage and transportation.

Effective solutions for crew and captain’s storage and transportation.

As anyone who works in our yachting industry knows, efficient logistics is one of the keys to stress-free transitions between a period of working at sea and returning to one’s home on land. At Evolution, we have plenty of experience in the transport and storage of your belongings.

The personal property of a captain tends to be furniture or home decoration items, and this usually just needs temporary storage whilst relocation to their home in France or Spain is arranged. The convenience factor of our services is evident, as we collect items directly from the boat or pick-up address and carefully store them until it’s time for them to be forwarded on.  Maximum care is always taken to protect items, such as adding bubble wrap and dark protective plastic so that nobody can see what is being transported to ensure confidentiality. All items are carefully labelled and classified according to whether or not the boat is in a Spanish port.

We receive many requests to transport bicycles, and special containers are used to protect them and get them safely to their destination address. Although the storage and transport service is on behalf of individual crew members, the cost and registration details are normally assumed by the yacht.

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Clara, from the Logistics department remembers the case of one crew member who asked to send all their items home – totalling no less than five large containers. “It was incredible, we had no idea how they managed to keep that amount of stuff in a small cabin!”  Different transportation quotes were also requested to send it to India, the USA and Abu Dhabi, so they didn’t even know where this person actually lived.

Another amusing anecdote involved the delivery of some Christmas presents, an army of lead soldiers. Customs demanded a letter specifying their use, which of course was a gift from the Three Kings to some children. Absolutely inoffensive, but this apparently wasn’t clear to the customs officers… Luckily, Evolution was on hand to make sure that any doubts were resolved, and the children received their festive gifts!


At Evolution we also have the first and only bonded warehouse in all the Balearics which permits indefinite storage of goods coming from outside the European Union “in transit” without paying import taxes, until they are released.

This facility helps suppliers in the Balearics or Spain to have a larger international stock of duty free items available at all times. For Evolution, it opens the door to new opportunities in trading with overseas suppliers and shippers.

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