Trusting your local logistics agent.

Trusting your local logistics agent.

Trusting your local logistics agent.

Xisco Notario, one of the managers at Evolution, is a firm believer that every yacht needs the support of a good local agent that anticipates problems before they arise and is the first to deal with them head on.  Someone who knows the rules and will keep you informed, without burying their head in the sand hoping there won’t be any problems.  “At Evolution we have the right phone numbers and the right contacts throughout Spain,” he confirms. “We know how important it is to coordinate the necessary parts and services according to each yacht’s requirements and schedules.”

Let’s suppose that your yacht has decided to make Barcelona home for the next 6 months.  The Captain is happy, the crew is ecstatic and now it’s time to get to work setting up your job lists, supply chain and dealing with all the logistical concerns that a refit entails. To start with you’re in luck, because all of Spain’s major yacht marinas are well connected to the rest of the world, and it is only a short drive from Barcelona to the South of France.  Daily direct flights go to the States, Europe and the rest of the world, so not only are you ideally placed for a successful refit, you can also reconnect and recharge your own batteries wherever the call is strongest. This is the moment when you’ll find out if you made the right choice for your local logistics agent.   Imagine…the last piece for the rebuilt pump is in Barcelona, but DHL has said it will not go out for delivery until Monday…but you need it to be installed on Saturday.  It’s Friday at 15:30. Who are you going to call, the shipper in the States? He isn’t even up yet. If you have chosen a good local agent they will be at the pickup location, and will make sure that your piece will be on the yacht in time.

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That’s what a good local agent does, when you’re in trouble they get you out of trouble, and when you’re not they ensure that all procedures and operations involving other parties run as smoothly as possible. Communications between the shipper and the local agent is key to an efficient supply chain and we develop this close relationship from the beginning.

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Evolution’s expertise is on hand throughout Spain, but if they don’t know what you need they can’t give any advice.  “Just ask us, we are happy to help…it’s what we do best,” says Xisco.