What are the main procedures and advantages of doing a TPA in Spain?

What are the main procedures and advantages of doing a TPA in Spain?

What are the main procedures and advantages of doing a TPA in Spain?

Yachting life is a constant flow between action and regeneration. After a busy season of cruising from shore to shore and entertaining guests, both crew and vessel need a moment to rest and renew. For the yacht, this entails a thorough overview of repairs, maintenance and improvements.

Inward processing (TPA) is a regime which allows a vessel temporary permission to dock in the EU for repairs and maintenance, without paying 21% VAT. As a general guideline, this is valid for yachts which have a non-EU flag and non-EU owning company or owner. It is evidently an excellent opportunity not only for significant savings, but also to take advantage of the world-class services whilst docked in a Spanish port, and to enjoy a season in attractive cities such as Barcelona and Palma.
It is essential for Captains and Management teams to ensure that all TPA invoicing and services comply fully with the Spanish fiscal and Customs requirements. These include some restrictions regarding what works can be carried out, spares in transit, and specific conditions pertaining to each port. It is a mandatory requirement that this is overseen by an approved administrator, who also provides the necessary reports to the fiscal authorities. Evolution Yachts have the experience and authorisation to offer this service, also liaising between your yacht’s Management team and any suppliers to protect your interests and ensure that the TPA is carried out smoothly and correctly.


Our team of experts look forward to receiving your inquiries, offering advice regarding your specific situation and requirements, and accompanying any repairs and maintenance through TPA on the Spanish mainland.


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1. The vessel will save the 21% VAT from all the suppliers’ invoices, not only Spanish  companies but Europeans too.
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2. The shipment of any import spare as a result of the TPA might be linked to the TPA.

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3. Evolution has the only Bonded Warehouse in all the Balearics, which means that you do not need to pay the import taxes when importing spares or items from outside the EU.
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4. Evolution will assist the boat in the whole clearance and customs procedure during the refit in terms of management and accountability.

For TPA enquiries please contact Evolution:
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